On-Going Case Study

Niche: Dietary Supplements

Client Start Date: 12/1/2018

Last Update: 2/09/2019

December 1st, 2018 We started consulting for a Vitamin company who has been selling its natural supplement brand on Amazon for three years but has never passed $25,000 in yearly revenue with 18 products. Their products had almost no reviews with an overall 3.5-star rating, so we were essentially starting new.


After speaking with the owners, We removed 17 listings and focused on their flagship product, whose niche has a monthly revenue ceiling of $12,000. Their flagship product had a 12.66% conversion rate before we joined.



Conversion Rate.png

We completely reworked their images creating seven updated photos and a brand theme that we can use across all new products and wrote new sales copy to target their most important search terms in a persuasive way


Making these changes dramatically improved their conversion rate.

New Conversion Rate.png

We started by turning off all existing advertising campaigns and digging through reports to pull all valuable data. As you can see below, On average, they were spending 84.29% of their sales price to get a sale. E.g. if their products sales price is $20 they were spending $16.85 on advertising to get a sale.

ACOS Before Coming on board.png

Like with all of our clients, we started with a $500 monthly Ad budget. After gathering reliable data, we targeted prime keywords, positioned the sales page accordingly and increased PPC to improve our rank in Amazon Search while being profitable.

current acos.JPG

Our client's sales have exploded, and their only problem is keeping up with demand as they have run out of stock multiple times. This month we are rolling out three new products and plan to launch 40 new products by the end of the year. This company will do one million in revenue this year at our current growth. We are expanding into Walmart and Amazon Mexico and Canada this month and will tackle the UK, Germany, and Japan in the coming months.

Impact on Sales.png

At Cartible we are 100% commission based because we genuinely enjoy growing with our clients by providing as much value as possible. If you are currently selling and aren't doing as well as you planned or are close to launching your business and would like to take full advantage of Amazon.com lets set up a 30-minute meeting to see if we are a good fit.