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If you've worked with one agency, you've most likely worked with them all. Everybody talks about campaign structuring because it is their only differentiator. Everyone who advertises on Amazon, Whether an agency or seller, has been taught how to optimize campaigns the same way. 


An Algorithm that takes a different approach:


A Metric to Forget: ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) 


A Metric that shows your True Profitability & Growth TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale)


An Algorithm that focuses on Profitability and Discoverability:


We have a unique approach to Advertising on Amazon that keeps as much money in your pocket as possible. Using our proprietary software and Algorithms, we get complete visibility of every keyword that you and your competitor's products are ranking or should be ranking for. With our algorithm in conjunction with our software, we can make changes that others can't.

A few of our PPC Management Services are as follows:


Sponsored Products Ad Implementation and Optimization

The traditional type of PPC on Amazon is called Sponsored Products. These ads show up in the search results and on competitor listings. We are experts at strategizing and optimizing for the best outcomes. We utilize keyword targeting, product targeting, and/or category targeting where appropriate.


Sponsored Brands Ad Implementation and Optimization

Sponsored Brands ads (previously called Headline Search Ads) are highly effective when used correctly. These ads allow you to showcase 3 of your products in a single ad, while also promoting your brand. FountainheadME implements and optimizes these ads toward a profitable ACoS.


Sponsored Display Ad Implementation and Optimization

Sponsored Display on Seller Central is a new feature that is currently in beta mode to certain sellers. This type of ad campaign allows product remarketing off of Amazon.

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We like to be seen as an extension of your team. We will manage all aspects of your Business on Amazon

Inventory Management

Customer Service

Listing Creation and Optimization


Inventory Management

If you feel like you are leaving money on the table, feel free to signup for a discovery call. We will see exactly how profitable your business is on Amazon, identify where you are overspending, and identify which relevant keywords you are not ranking for organically during our call.