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Organic Tea and Supplements

Handcrafted herbal tea since 1995, New Day Health produces certified organic herbal tea and supplements that give alternative health solutions to promote healthy living.

Revitalizing Sales and Expanding Product Line for a Vitamin Brand on Amazon

Background: New Day Health had been selling on Amazon for three years with no significant growth, only generating $144,000 in yearly revenue across three products. New Day Health was struggling with a low conversion rate and poor visibility on Amazon.

Challenge: New Day Health needed to improve its conversion rate and visibility on Amazon, as well as expand its product line to increase sales.

Solution: We were brought on board to identify and resolve New Day Health's issues. We worked closely with the team to perform a complete rebrand, updating the labeling, images, and messaging to improve New Day Health's appearance and customer appeal.

Results: The rebrand led to a significant increase in sales for New Day Health's flagship product, from 5 orders per day to over 25+ orders per day. The conversion rate increased from 12.6% to 19.67%, which allowed the product to obtain the Amazon Choice badge and become a top 3 seller in the niche. These changes led to a significant increase in sales.

Moreover, We performed in-depth research on Amazon and identified new product opportunities that aligned with New Day Health's parameters. We found a manufacturer that could work with New Day Health, leading to the expansion of the product line to over 18 products. This expansion further increased sales and allowed New Day Health to capture new customers and markets.

Conclusion: Through a complete rebranding effort, optimized product listings, and the expansion of the product line, Cartible was able to revitalize sales and visibility for the Vitamin brand on Amazon. New Day Health's revenue increased significantly, and it established itself as a top seller in the niche. Our expertise in Amazon marketing and branding proved to be a crucial factor in New Day Health's success.

If you want to take your Amazon business to the next level, we encourage you to sign up for a meeting with our team to discuss our complete Amazon management services. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique business needs, and we can help you save time and maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward Amazon success!

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