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Significantly Improving Profitability through Advertising on Amazon


Dragon Grips is a company that sells gaming accessories such as controller grips, mouse grips, and keyboard grips. They were struggling to find a profitable marketing strategy to increase their sales and generate more revenue. They reached out to Cartible, an experienced Amazon & Walmart consultant, to help them increase their sales and grow their business.


Before Cartible started working with Dragon Grips, they were struggling to generate profitable sales on Amazon. They were trying to run PPC campaigns on their own but were not seeing the desired results. They were spending a significant amount of money on advertising with little to no ROI.


Cartible started by conducting extensive research on Dragon Grips' target audience and the gaming market as a whole. They identified the key competitors in the market and analyzed their advertising strategies. After identifying the gaps in the market, Cartible created a comprehensive advertising plan for Dragon Grips.

The first step was to optimize the product listings on Amazon. Cartible made sure that the product descriptions and images were optimized for Amazon's algorithm and provided a clear and concise message to potential customers. They also worked on improving product reviews by reaching out to existing customers and encouraging them to leave reviews.

Cartible then started running PPC campaigns on Amazon. They created highly targeted campaigns that were focused on the keywords that potential customers were searching for.

After a few months of running the campaigns, Dragon Grips started seeing a significant increase in sales. Their Roas increased from $5 to $11.11. This means that for every one dollar they spent on advertising, they received $11 in revenue. This was a significant improvement from their previous Roas.

The average price point of Dragon Grips' products was $12, which meant that they were able to generate a lot of sales with a small budget. 

Cartible was able to help Dragon Grips increase their revenue and grow their business by implementing a successful advertising strategy on Amazon.


By working with Cartible, Dragon Grips was able to turn their struggling business into a profitable venture. Cartible was able to create a comprehensive advertising strategy that helped Dragon Grips reach their target audience and generate more sales. Their successful campaign resulted in an Roas of $11.11, which was a significant improvement from their previous Roas. Overall, Cartible's expertise in Amazon advertising was able to help Dragon Grips achieve their goals and grow their business. They continue to use the advertising structure that we implemented to this day.

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