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Boosting Profitability through Strategic Amazon Advertising


Gaming Accessories



Brand Overview

Dragon Grips specializes in gaming accessories, offering products like controller grips, mouse grips, and keyboard grips. Their mission revolves around enhancing the gaming experience by providing quality grips that ensure better control and comfort. Despite having a range of high-quality products, Dragon Grips faced challenges in effectively marketing them on Amazon.


  • Extensive market and audience research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Product listing optimization on Amazon

  • Amazon PPC campaigns

  • Product review enhancement strategies


  • Advertisement Strategy: Dragon Grips' initial PPC campaigns on Amazon were not yielding profitable results. They faced challenges in achieving a good return on ad spend (Roas).

  • Creative & Product Presentation: The product listings on Amazon were not optimized, potentially leading to lower visibility and conversions.

  • Market Competition: In the saturated gaming market, Dragon Grips had to compete with established brands, making it challenging to stand out and capture significant market share.


We started by conducting a deep dive into Dragon Grips' target market and analyzing key competitors. This helped in identifying market gaps and opportunities. The product listings on Amazon were then optimized, ensuring they were algorithm-friendly and appealing to potential customers. We also emphasized improving product reviews by engaging with existing customers. With these foundational elements in place, targeted PPC campaigns were launched, focusing on high-intent keywords relevant to Dragon Grips' products.


Post-engagement with Cartible, Dragon Grips witnessed a transformative change in their Amazon sales. Their Roas shot up from a mere $5 to an impressive $11.11, indicating that for every dollar spent on advertising, they generated $11 in revenue. This was a marked improvement from their earlier Roas. With an average product price point of $12, Dragon Grips was able to achieve substantial sales even with a limited advertising budget.

Navigating the Amazon marketplace can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. With the right expertise and strategies, your brand can soar to new heights. If this success story resonates with you, imagine what we can achieve together for your brand. Don't let Amazon be a challenge; let it be your opportunity.


Schedule a meeting with us today, and let's transform your Amazon store into a revenue powerhouse.

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