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Handcrafted herbal tea since 1995, New Day Health produces certified organic herbal tea and supplements that give alternative health solutions to promote healthy living.


Tea and Supplements



Brand Overview

New Day Health, a trusted name in handcrafted herbal tea since 1995, produces certified organic herbal tea and supplements. With a mission to offer alternative health solutions, they are dedicated to promoting healthy living. Their unique selling proposition lies in their commitment to organic, handcrafted products that cater to those seeking natural health solutions.


  • Rebranding Services

  • Product Listing Optimization

  • Advertising Strategy Overhaul

  • Market Research

  • Collaboration & Manufacturer Sourcing

  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback


Stagnant Sales on Amazon: New Day Health had been selling on Amazon for three years without significant growth, only generating $144,000 in yearly revenue across three products.

Low Conversion Rate: The brand was struggling with a low conversion rate on its product listings.

Poor Visibility on Amazon: New Day Health's products were not getting the desired visibility on Amazon, which could be due to various factors like suboptimal listing optimization, lack of effective advertising, or strong competition.

Need to Expand Product Line: There was a need to expand the product line to increase sales, which implies that the existing product range was not sufficiently diverse or appealing to a broader customer base.

Ineffective PPC Strategy: Existing advertising strategies, particularly pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, were not yielding the desired results. Indicators suggested potential mis-targeting or a lack of understanding of the market.


Rebranding and Product Presentation: Worked closely with the New Day Health team to perform a complete rebrand, updating the labeling, images, and messaging to improve the brand's appearance and appeal to customers on Amazon.

Optimized Product Listings: Enhanced the product listings to ensure they were optimized for Amazon's search algorithm, making them more visible to potential customers.

Diversified Advertising Strategy: Reviewed and revamped the existing PPC campaigns to target more relevant keywords and demographics. Introduced a diverse advertising strategy that went beyond just Sponsored Products campaigns, ensuring a broader reach and better targeting.

Market Research for Product Expansion: Conducted in-depth research on Amazon to identify new product opportunities that aligned with New Day Health's brand values and customer base. This research led to the identification of potential products to add to the brand's lineup.

Collaboration with Manufacturers: Found a manufacturer that could work with New Day Health, leading to the expansion of the product line to over 18 products. This expansion aimed to capture new customers and tap into new market segments.

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: Regularly monitored the performance of the new advertising strategies and product listings, making adjustments as needed based on performance data and customer feedback.


Significant Increase in Sales: The rebranding and optimized product listings led to a substantial boost in sales for New Day Health's flagship product. Sales went from 5 orders per day to over 25+ orders per day.

Improved Conversion Rate: The conversion rate for the products saw a notable increase, moving from 12.6% to 19.67%.

Achievement of Amazon Choice Badge: The improvements in product listings and the increase in conversion rate allowed New Day Health's product to obtain the Amazon Choice badge, a significant achievement that further boosts product visibility and trustworthiness.

Top Seller in Niche: The brand's product became a top 3 seller in its niche on Amazon, indicating a successful rise against competitors and a strong market presence.

Expansion of Product Line: The product line expanded to over 18 products, diversifying the brand's offerings and capturing new customer segments. This expansion further contributed to the increase in sales and brand visibility.

Yearly Sales Growth: The combined efforts led to a significant increase in sales, with the brand witnessing a growth rate that surpassed previous years.

Navigating the Amazon marketplace can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. With the right expertise and strategies, your brand can soar to new heights. If this success story resonates with you, imagine what we can achieve together for your brand. Don't let Amazon be a challenge; let it be your opportunity.


Schedule a meeting with us today, and let's transform your Amazon store into a revenue powerhouse.

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